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Basic StatisticsEdit


  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 192 lbs.
  • Skin Color: Slightly tanned
  • Build: Hard and athletic from playing Quidditch and Quodpot, as well as from his own personal training. Marc tends to get a lot of exercise on the side, however...
  • Face: He has a perfect, gorgeous face without a single blemish or flaw, and a strong jaw with cheekbones just high enough to broach the idea that he might be a bit of a snob. However, his usual wide grin detracts attention from his potentially haughty appearance.
  • Eyes: A mysterious shade of deep green. Marc's eyes are inviting yet searching at the same time. They are playful and enticing, and tend to reflect what he does not say outright.
  • Hair: Light brown. His hair is about two or so inches long and usually somewhat tousled but tends to look like he spent too much time on it in the morning... like a male model.
  • Clothing Style: Casual. Marc wears whatever is comfortable, though he still strives to maintain a suave, in-fashion sort of appearance.
  • Piercings: none
  • Jewelry: none
  • Scars: None. Marc hates scars and other oddities of the skin and would go to great lengths to rid himself of them if he had any.
  • Tattoos: none
  • Distinguishing Features: Deep, beautiful eyes


  • Voice: Tenor. He sounds masculine but he doesn't speak in a very deep voice, more of a tenor or low alto. And there's always a hint of laughter behind his words.
  • Accent: Inland North
  • Religion: Agnostic
  • Likes: Quidditch, Quodpot, gossip, throwing late night parties in other people's dorms with other people's money, good parties, keg of (insert anything alcoholic or possibly hallucinogenic here), pretty girls and boys (especially the dumb ones), good conversation in which he gets a lot of useful information (for blackmail, of course!), meddling in people's lives, leading people astray
    • Favorite Color: green
    • Favorite Food: pizza
    • Favorite Drink: Jack Daniels
    • Favorite Music: pop/dance (he has a soft spot for Lady Gaga)
    • Favorite Class: Flying and Exercise
  • Dislikes: quiet and studious (and otherwise boring) people, teachers that don't mind their own business, school, being analyzed, responsibility, people that don't understand that life is just one big party
    • Least Favorite Color: white
    • Least Favorite Food: cockroach clusters
    • Least Favorite Drink: prune juice
    • Least Favorite Music: heavy metal
    • Least Favorite Class: History of Magic
  • Good Traits: open, inviting, extremely affectionate (and only moreso with alcohol), naturally charming, devastatingly gorgeous, hard to resist, easy to talk to, curious
  • Bad Traits: party boy, very nosy, doesn't care about many important things (like school, responsibility, his reputation, the girls he has flings with, etc), possessive of the lovers he's seriously interested in, jealous, slightly egotistical because he's the "general obsession" of all the SI girls, irresponsible, untrustworthy, unreliable, sarcastic, manipulative
  • Goals: To get away with breaking every rule in the Salem Institute rulebook at least once.
  • Fears: Commitment. Turning into his parents. Cockroaches.
  • Secrets: Marc has no real secrets. He's quite honest about himself and has never been ashamed of anything he's done.
  • Hobbies: sex, sports, working out, picking up girls, partying, sneaking out after hours, getting mad drunk
  • Habits: procrastinating, smoking (his cigarette of choice is Newport 100's)
  • Mental Conditions: mild HPD
  • Intelligence: Marc is a party boy who doesn't care much for schoolwork or responsibility. In fact, he avoids it when at all possible. He takes classes that he's naturally good at and coasts through them. Often he doesn't even bother to attend but still passes with relatively good grades. Marc is also very intuitive, as well as witty, and often knows the perfect thing to say to get a desired outcome.
  • Self-Reflection: Marc thinks rather highly of himself. While everyone else is stressing over coursework and what they're going to do with the rest of their lives, he is living the carefree life of a partier and playboy. He could have practically any girl he wanted (and even some of the boys). His parents are rich and he can pretty much buy whatever it is he might desire. As a result, Marc believes he alone has the recipe for happiness and will often obtain the superior air of someone who knows a secret and isn't willing to share.
  • Interaction: He is rarely away from people so his personality does not change much. However, Marc isn't the type of person to change how he acts just to please other people. What others see is pretty much exactly who he is: fun-loving, arrogant, and carefree. He is, surprisingly, brutally honest about himself.
  • Overview
Marc isn't exactly the kind of boy you'd bring home for your parents to meet. He is open and inviting but cares little for the general population, including the numerous people he has flings with. He is, however, extremely affectionate and only gets moreso as more alcohol is put into his system. He has a natural charm about him that, when paired with his good looks and his deep, compelling voice, makes him practically irresistible.
He tends to be drawn more to people who stand out in a crowd. In his opinion, people are just there for his own amusement, and as soon as he gets bored with them he moves on. Marc is incredibly nosy and eavesdrops almost constantly (many of the fifth years comment on how the walls seem to have ears). He likes to meddle in the lives of those around him and is quick to search out people to lead astray. He is also skilled at making people spill their deepest secrets to him without much effort on his part. For the lovers that he's seriously interested in, Marc is possessive and manipulative. The way he sees it, if he can't have them no one should. He's used to getting what he wants, and on the rare occasion that he doesn't, he's quite vindictive.
He is, of course, the "general obsession" of most girls (and some boys) at Salem Institute, and therefore he's not exactly the most modest or least shallow person in the school. Marc is usually written off as a seducer, goofball, or troublemaker, but he is still well-liked, mostly because of his ability to have wonderful one-on-one conversations. He is relatively easy to talk to and has completely mastered the art of slipping dirty subjects into everyday conversation. He is the hot upperclassman that most girls want to date, but he isn't very good with relationships past the friendship sort. Also, because his affection is shown openly toward males as well as females, his sexual preference is often openly debated among gossip circles throughout the school.
Marc has never wanted power, fame, or money, instead having a simple desire to have a good time of life because he sees no point in wasting "what little time us pathetic humans have on this miserable planet, anyway."


  • Languages: None fluently, though he has learned enough Japanese from Hitomi in the past to get by. He has also learned how to say "You're sexy, fuck me!" in almost every major language.
  • Mundane Strengths: seduction, blackmail, eavesdropping, manipulation, getting into and out of trouble, avoiding work and responsibility
  • Mundane Weaknesses: cockroaches, commitment, lack of ambition (he cares for nothing other than having a good time and that leaves his future, at point blank, nonexistent)
  • Magical Strengths: potion-making (he's very good at following directions even if he frequently chooses not to, and he's curious to the point that he likes to mix up ingredients to see what happens), dueling (he has quick reflexes and a sharp mind for hexes and counterspells), flying (and any sports played on a broomstick)
  • Magical Weaknesses: History of Magic (not only is it his least favorite but also his worst subject, seeing as he doesn't care much for what those wizards did all those years ago), herbology (he's better at brewing up plants rather than taking care of them), magical creatures (he only knows how to care for his hawk, and that's it), Muggles (being a pureblood with very bigoted parentage, he never learned much about them)
  • Apparition: yes
  • Occlumency/Legilimency: neither. He has no secrets to hide, and he wouldn't want to pry into other people's heads... it ruins the fun of trying to figure out their secrets the old-fashioned way.
  • Patronus/Animagus: corporeal Patronus, no Animagus



  • Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
  • Education: Because of his affinity for causing trouble and his lackadaisical view on school, Marc has been kicked out of every school he's ever attended. He attended SH for his first two years before being expelled for bad behavior, after which he was shunted between four other schools for the following year (Canada, Australia, Spain, and Scandinavia). He ended up back at Salem Hall to start his fourth year and, with a little persuading (aka lots of money), the principal agreed to give him another chance. He graduated from SH and made it partway through his first year at SI, and then, due to an incident involving a hippogriff, an enlarging spell, helium balloons, and a lot of alcohol, he was expelled once again. After short-term enrollment in another six schools over the course of two and a half years (China, Korea, Germany, Japan, Britain, and France), Marc returned once more to the institute and was allowed reentry for his fourth year. He hasn't been kicked out again this time, and one can only hope he'll make it to his graduation.
  • Achievements: 8 E.M.U.s
  • Regrets: none.
  • Biography:
Marc has been spoiled since birth by his rich (now deceased) uncle and by his parents. His family is "old money;" their lyons have traveled through the generations and now sit in the Donovan bank account, collecting dust while Marissa and Wesley travel the world (unless, of course, they use it to buy something for Marc... they think throwing money at him will somehow make up for never being around). They are generally snobby people, though his mother is much more so than his father, who is at least usually silent in his arrogance and, thus, more tolerable. Because of this snobbery, Marc was limited in who he was allowed to befriend as a child: only the children whose parents had a certain status in the magical world, and only purebloods. Of course, given Marc's naturally rebellious disposition, he rarely stuck to this rule and liked to rub it in their faces.
He is not particularly close to anyone in his family. The only exception was his uncle Jacob, whom he lived with for many years. This rift is partially his parents' fault, but Marc is to blame as well. His parents were frequently away on business and the rest of his family ignored him for the most part, but Marc also made a conscious decision that he wanted nothing to do with these people. He didn't find any of them to be particularly interesting individuals so his attentions were focused elsewhere. The only person who ever gave a damn about him was his mother's brother, Jacob, who took him in and raised him while his parents pranced off across the world. Marc had a very happy life while he lived with his uncle, from age two up until his uncle's death four years ago.
Marc's parents have been journalists since before he was born. His mother, however, made the decision to have a child and the couple left their careers. After he was born, Marissa and Wesley took care of him for approximately a year and a half before mommy dearest decided that motherhood wasn't for her. She missed working and traveling so she and Wesley got their jobs back and abandoned Marc to his uncle's care. Thus, he has no siblings and he prefers his family life like this because, as he puts it, "there's no one to take my inheritance!"
Due to his tendency to cause trouble wherever he goes (and he won't deny that he causes it, either... when things start to get too quiet or boring, you can trust that Marc will find some way to liven things up) and his irresponsibly carefree view on school, Marc has been expelled from each and every school he's attended. This resulted in quite a bit of moving around and readjusting on his part, but he always had many friends and was well-liked even though he always seemed to take advantage of people. Indeed, some of his closest friends he met during his various academic excursions and they presently study at other schools.
Currently, his family life is ripe with bitter resentment and everyone is usually much happier when they aren't in the same room together. However, due to their determination to appear like loving parents (for the good of their reputations, you see), Marissa and Wesley occasionally force their presence upon Marc for "family bonding," which usually degenerates into condescending criticisms and harsh judgments to be thrown in Marc's direction.

Magical StatisticsEdit

  • Wand Properties: 13 1/2 inches, ebony, dragon heartstring, sturdy
  • Patronus/Animagus Form: Coyote
  • Special: None
  • E.M.U. Scores:
    • Charms: M
    • Dark Arts and Defense: M
    • Divination: M
    • Flying and Exercise: M
    • Herbology: S
    • History of Magic: H
    • Muggle Studies: M
    • Potions and Alchemy: M
    • Transfiguration: S

Extra Notes


photos courtesy of Jake Gyllenhaal