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Basic StatisticsEdit

  • Full Name: Isabella Corinne Kendrick
  • Nickname: Bella, Izzy, Rin
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: April 8, 1995
  • Age: 17
  • Year: 5
  • Classes: Astronomy, Charms, Dark Arts and Defense, Ethics for Magic-Users, Fine Arts, Flying and Exercise, Herbology, Muggle Studies, Potions and Alchemy, Transfiguration
  • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Ethnicity: 
  • Bloodline: Muggleborn
  • Quidditch/Quodpot: Chaser/Stopper
  • Clubs: Art Club, Charms Club, Culinary Club, Dueling Club, Literary Magazine, Martial Arts Club
  • Current Residence: Chicago, Illinois


  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 136 lbs.
  • Skin Color: Very slightly tanned
  • Build: Thin. Bella is very toned, though, due to all of her exercise so her muscles add more substance to her physique. She also has nice hips and her bust is a B cup.
  • Face: She has a stereotypically beautiful face, with smooth skin and high cheekbones. Not a single pimple or freckle mars her skin though a scar is visible here and there from some stupid endeavor or whatnot. Her lips are very defined and lusciously plump, and her nose turns ever so slightly upward at the end.
  • Eyes: Naturally a chocolate brown but she transfigured them crimson.
  • Hair: Naturally pitch black but she bleaches it. It hangs slightly past her shoulders and has a slight wave to it. She tends to keep it wild and all over the place, only brushing it neatly for special occasions. The most she might do on a day-to-day basis is pull it into a messy clip.
  • Clothing Style: Generally goth/punk.
  • Piercings: Three in her right ear and five in her left, two bottom lip rings, and a tongue ring.
  • Jewelry: Nothing special, just whatever she feels like accessorizing with on a given day.
  • Scars: Nothing overly noticeable. Bella has small scars from random accidents, but who can go seventeen years without hurting oneself?
  • Tattoos:
  • Distinguishing Features: Red eyes, bright bleach-blonde hair


  • Voice:
  • Accent:
  • Religion: Organized religion is for unimaginative people! Personally, she believes in multiple gods and goddesses that just like fucking around with mortals.
  • Likes: partying, drinking, meeting new people, excitement, attention, rebellion, procrastinating
    • Favorite Color: red
    • Favorite Food:
    • Favorite Drink:
    • Favorite Music: heavy metal
    • Favorite Class:
  • Dislikes: party poops, authority figures, old people, boredom, pretentiousness, fussiness, cowardice
    • Least Favorite Color:
    • Least Favorite Food:
    • Least Favorite Drink:
    • Least Favorite Music:
    • Least Favorite Class:
  • Good Traits: friendly, exciting, artistic, witty, humorous, straightforward, enthusiastic, brave, intelligent, outgoing, fun, quick-tongued, opinionated, honest about herself
  • Bad Traits: cynical, sarcastic, rebellious, aggressive, impulsive, crazy, reckless, blunt, sometimes rude or mean, very in-your-face, intimidating, apathetic about a lot of things she should serious about
  • Goals: To make her sister loosen up and emerge from her lonely little shell. To make an interesting living after school.
  • Fears: Turning into her mother.
  • Secrets: Bella is a very open person and doesn't really keep secrets, unless they're for someone else. For example, she is keeping from her mother and younger brothers that her sister is a lesbian.
  • Hobbies: drinking, partying, getting herself into trouble
  • Habits: 
  • Mental Conditions:
  • Intelligence: Isabella is smart and her grades prove it. Interesting how she never studies, either... And test-taking? No problem! She laughs in the face of pressure. She has street smarts and common sense, but the latter isn't always put to good use. Bella is also very adept at mathematics.
  • Self-Reflection: (what do they think of themselves)
  • Interaction: When she's by herself, Bella is hardly any different than when she's around people. If anything, she is an honest person and doesn't change herself to please or gain the approval of others. She is simply a fun-loving person who doesn't waste her time doing what other people expect from her instead of living her own life. She is certainly a little rough around the edges, but Isabella tries to get along with people as long as they aren't complete goody-two-shoes. A little fun never hurt anyone! She can quite often be, for lack of a better term, a bitch but she usually doesn't mean any serious harm by it. Her sense of humor is just slightly rude. She is also a very trustworthy person, given that you are someone that she trusts in return. Unfortunately, she doesn't trust many people.
  • Overview:


  • Languages:
  • Mundane Strengths: mathematics, art
  • Mundane Weaknesses:
  • Magical Strengths: potion-making, herbology, charms, dueling, arithmancy
  • Magical Weaknesses: history, scrying forms of divination, caring for magical creatures, healing magic
  • Apparition: yes
  • Occlumency/Legilimency: neither
  • Patronus/Animagus: corporeal Patronus, no Animagus


  • Father: unknown
  • Mother: Eva Kendrick
  • Siblings: Toby Kendrick, Gavin Kendrick, Braeden Kendrick, Bianca Kendrick, Xander Kendrick, Rupert Kendrick, Oliver Kendrick
  • Significant Other: She is currently single, though is infatuated with Kane Kirpatrick.
  • Friends: Racyne Moria, Marc Donovan, Richard Jameson
  • Rivals: Bianca Kendrick, Kaia Rozalia
  • Mentors: Rhianna Queene, Osmor Strum
  • Pets: A four-year-old reddish-orange cat named Lucia.


  • Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
  • Education: Five years at Salem Hall, four years at Salem Institute (she'll be entering her fifth year in September)
  • Achievements: 10 E.M.U.s
  • Regrets:
  • Biography:

Magical StatisticsEdit

  • Wand Properties: 9 3/4 inches, sequoia, dragon heartstring, springy
  • Patronus/Animagus Form: hyena
  • Special: none
  • E.M.U. Scores:
    • Astronomy: M
    • Charms: E
    • Dark Arts and Defense: E
    • Fine Arts: M
    • Flying and Exercise: M
    • Herbology: M
    • History of Magic: S
    • Muggle Studies: M
    • Potions and Alchemy: M
    • Transfiguration: E

Extra Notes


photos courtesy of Jessica Origliasso