This class is required for all first, second, and third year students. Students obtain a thorough understanding of magical plants, from species identification to detailed care and maintenance. Some class period are spent collecting ingredients for Potions and Alchemy lessons. Herbological experts go on to such occupations as magical nursery or greenhouse owners and/or managers, consultants for the Ministry (or any number of other magical corporations or Potions Masters), Herbology teachers, breeders of rare (or experimental) plant species, and so forth.


First Year
  • Greenhouse 1
  • Incendio and Diffindo
  • Devil's Snare
  • Re-potting Mandrakes
  • Pruning Abyssinian shrivelfigs
  • Dittany
  • Flitterbloom
  • Leaping toadstools
Second Year
  • Greenhouse 2
  • Harvesting puffapods
  • Properties and safe collection of bubotuber pus
  • Properties and collection of mooncalf dung
  • Bouncing bulbs
  • Pruning flutterby bushes
Third Year
  • Greenhouse 3
  • Fanged geraniums
  • Asphodel
  • Chinese Chomping Cabbage
  • Gillyweed
  • Honking daffodils
  • Lovage
  • Mallowsweet
  • Screechsnap seedlings
  • Self-fertilizing shrubs
  • Review for E.M.U.
Fourth Year
  • Greenhouse 4
  • Chinese herbology
  • Alihotsy
  • Mimulus Mimbletonia
  • Venemous Tentacula
Fifth Year
  • Greenhouse 5


  • Taught by: Prof. Rebecca Holmes
  • Location: Greenhouses
  • Time
    • First Year: Day 2, Period 5
    • Second Year: Day 1, Period 6
    • Third Year: Day 1, Period 2
    • Fourth Year: Day 2, Period 2
    • Fifth Year: Day 2, Period 1
First Year
Second Year
Third Year
Fourth Year
Fifth Year

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