​This class is required for all first and fifth year students. It deals with the morals and ethical decisions that come with magic-casting and makes sure that the young witches and wizards who learn magic have a good sense of morality. There is no E.M.U. or S.T.O.M.P. exam for this class, but all students must pass to graduate.


First Year
  • Defining ethics and where it comes from
  • Why?
  • Steps to making ethical decisions
  • White magic vs. Black magic
  • Intent
  • Golden Rule
  • Group discussion
  • Applying ethics to school
Fifth Year
  • Review
  • Journals
  • Manipulation
  • Intent
  • Imperius Curse
  • Doing good for the right reasons
  • Karma/Darma
  • Group discussion
  • Applying ethics to the real world


First Year
Fifth Year

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