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Basic StatisticsEdit


  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 170 lbs.
  • Skin Color: Pale
  • Build: Tall and thin but not very athletic. Ciaren is good-looking in a dark and mysterious sort of way, though he pays little attention to his looks, at least for the purpose of appealing to the opposite gender.
  • Face: His face is paler than most and usually contorted into an expression of annoyance or blank with apathy. His lips are well-defined and he has a strong jawline.
  • Eyes: Dark blue. Ciaren eyes are narrow and menacing and rarely show what he is thinking or feeling. On the off chance that he does deign someone worthy of knowing his emotions, he does so through his eyes. His glare can chill the blood and no one remains unaffected by it. However, he usually does not go that far when expressing hatred or anger; a soft sigh of annoyance is usually all it takes.
  • Hair: Black. His hair is short, about an inch long, so just long enough for it to stand on end when he gets out of bed in the morning (a look that Marc Donovan is known to tease him childishly about). Usually he has it slicked back or parted on the side to look more professional.
  • Clothing Style: Professional. Ciaren cares little about impressing anyone with his fashion sense and mainly strives to wear clothing that is practical yet professional.
  • Piercings: none.
  • Jewelry: none.
  • Scars: Two long, thin scars on the right side of his neck, each with a subtle blue tinge to them.
  • Tattoos: none.
  • Distinguishing Features: Pale skin, flawless features


  • Voice: His voice is low, almost deadly silent, unless provoked. Ciaren rarely laughs aloud.
  • Accent: Received Pronunciation
  • Religion: Apathetic. Ciaren cares nothing for religion, only for power.
  • Likes: power, chess, reading, quiet
    • Favorite Color: none
    • Favorite Food: 
    • Favorite Drink: red wine
    • Favorite Music: none
    • Favorite Class: Transfiguration
  • Dislikes: weakness, Muggles, nosy people, immaturity
    • Least Favorite Color: pink
    • Least Favorite Food: 
    • Least Favorite Drink: butterbeer
    • Least Favorite Music: rap
    • Least Favorite Class: Charms
  • Good Traits: straightforward, intelligent, cunning, ambitious, confident, determined, proud, charismatic, cautious, powerful
  • Bad Traits: nosy, egotistical, detached, antisocial, arrogant, blunt
  • Goals: Power.
  • Fears: That playing the triple spy will end up backfiring on him (not that he'll ever admit he's afraid of something)
  • Secrets: Ciaren is currently playing three sides against one another, hoping to come out in good graces with whoever the winner is.
  • Hobbies: eavesdropping, studying, reading, perfecting his various magical talents, sneaking out of the school
  • Habits: cracking his neck
  • Mental Conditions:
  • Intelligence: Ciaren is one of the best students in the school when it comes to schoolwork and logic, though he's far from a teacher's pet. He's naturally intelligent and has a knack for memorization.
  • Self-Reflection: In general, he sees himself as superior to everyone else and deems no one worthy of his presence. However, in practice, he keeps these feelings pretty much to himself (though it's certainly no secret that he despises most of the people at Salem Institute).
  • Interaction: Ciaren is judgmental but doesn't care enough to hold a grudge against most people (they aren't worth the effort). That, coupled with his proud and arrogant disposition, distances him from other people. He's a loner and likes it that way. Most people he "befriends" are just there to serve some sort of purpose, and then he pushes them aside once more.
  • Overview:


  • Languages: Latin, Russian, German
  • Mundane Strengths: lying, manipulation, hiding his emotions, reading other people's faces, controlling his temper, quick thinking, eavesdropping, working under pressure
  • Mundane Weaknesses: relationships, Muggle fighting
  • Magical Strengths: Dark magic, hexes, dueling, transfiguration, concealment, Legilimency, Occlumency, wandless magic, nonverbal magic
  • Magical Weaknesses: 
  • Apparition: yes
  • Occlumency/Legilimency: both
  • Patronus/Animagus: corporeal Patronus/no Animagus


  • Father: Xavier Kaine
  • Mother: Alexandria Kaine
  • Siblings: none
  • Significant Other: He is currently single.
  • Friends: Selene Salmas (as close to a friend as he's likely to get)
  • Rivals: Marc Donovan (as close to a rival as he's likely to get)
  • Mentors:
  • Pets: He has an eagle owl named Zeus, primarily for mail-carrying.


  • Birthplace:
  • Education: Three years at Salem Hall (he moved to the US when he was ten) and four years at Salem Institute (he begins his fifth and final year in September).
  • Achievements:
  • Regrets:
  • Biography:

Magical StatisticsEdit

  • Wand Properties:
  • Patronus/Animagus Form: Lethifold
  • Special:
  • E.M.U. Scores:
    • Charms: M
    • Dark Arts and Defense: M
    • Flying and Exercise: M
    • Healing: M
    • Herbology: M
    • History of Magic: M
    • Magical Law and Government: M
    • Potions and Alchemy: M
    • Transfiguration: M

Extra Notes


photos courtesy of Jude Law