This class is required for all first, second, and third year students. Those who study charm-work hone their talents in a wide array of wand-oriented magic. Though sometimes touching on the subjects of transfiguration and defense, the primary focus of charms classes involves spells that do not fall into either of these categories. It's quite an expansive topic, which leads to a large selection of possible professions.


First Year
  • Basic wrist movements
  • Wingardium Leviosa, levitation
  • Incendio, fire
  • Spongify, 
  • Alohomora, unlocking
  • Locomotor Mortis, leg-locker
  • Rictusempra, tickling
  • Lumos, light
  • Tarantallegra, dancing
Second Year
  • Intermediate wrist movements
  • Skurge,
  • hover
  • Accio, summoning
  • drought
  • Depulso, banishing
  • cheering
  • Diffindo, ripping
  • unbreakable
Third Year
  • Advanced wrist movements
  • Carpe Retractum,
  • Glacius, ice
  • Silencio, silencing
  • Confundus,
  • bubble-head
  • color change
  • Engorgio, enlarging
  • Scourgify, cleaning
  • substantive
  • Humanizing inanimate objects
  • Review for E.M.U.
Fourth Year
  • Properties of charms
  • Aguamenti, water
  • braking
  • flame-freezing
  • locomotion
  • repelling
Fifth Year
  • Theory of creating spells
  • Fidelius
  • freezing
  • imperturbable
  • Obliviate, memory modification
  • supersensory
  • Review for S.T.O.M.P.


  • Taught by: Prof. Christopher Thompson
  • Location: 6th Floor
  • Time
    • First Year: Day 2, Period 3
    • Second Year: Day 1, Period 5
    • Third Year: Day 1, Period 7
    • Fourth Year: Day 2, Period 1
    • Fifth Year: Day 1, Period 6
First Year
Second Year
Third Year
Fourth Year
Fifth Year

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